“I loved being a superintendent of schools, but I don’t miss mornings like this, when the weather is completely unpredictable and the call isn’t clear.”

– Former MCPS superintendent, Josh Starr, in a tweet to MoCoSnow earlier today

We’ve added CloudFlare to help with the website issues, but it’s fairly costly to use a version that will guarantee an issue-free situation so make sure you sign up for our e-mail updates and get your predictions immediately without any problems.

This storm definitely overperformed!

The Winter Storm Warning is still in effect for NW MoCo until Friday morning at 4am, but I suspect that it could be pulled before then as all of our county is expected to remain above freezing overnight (there could be isolated spots that are just at or below the freezing mark for a short amount of time).

It’s also not going to be warm, but the rain will be helping with the melt. I believe that there will definitely be some side roads and sidewalks with issues in the AM.

Since this isn’t a situation where we’re waiting for more wintry precipitation to fall overnight, there’s not much else to discuss aside from the prediction!

Pencil Prediction for Friday, 11/16: 2 Pencils

For specific percentages and updates, make sure to check out the MoCoSnow app (updates are made when I feel they’re necessary based on any new information I receive). The app is only available on iOS and I’d love to eventually have an Android app, but we do not have one at the moment.

Thursday Evening Prediction for Friday 11/16

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