Just as it does with snow storms, Hurricane Florence’s track has changed multiple times in the last couple days. It will likely continue to do so.

The overnight runs are keeping the biggest impacts well to our south, so if things were to remain as they look now, I do not see an impact on schools.

I’ll continue to monitor and let you know if anything changes.

Hurricane Florence Tuesday Morning Update

One thought on “Hurricane Florence Tuesday Morning Update

  • 09/11/2018 at 5:00 pm

    Thank you MOCO for keeping residents updated😉 as well as the preparedness by first responders, snow/ice clearing reminders, status of closures due to inclement weather reminding us of our individual responsibility to BE PREPARED, and reminder to keep our minds Alert to check-in on well-being of neighbors. Have a plan in place for our animals. If we notice strays, contact No-Kill Shelters.


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