If you were able to catch The MoCoShow podcast with former MCPS Superintendent Josh Starr just before Thanksgiving, I mentioned that the first half of December looked like there was potential for some winter weather.

The potential is still there, as we have two chances at getting some winter weather.

The first chance comes mid-week next week, but we would need a lot to go our way for that to give us a couple inches. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s a possibility for the time being.

The second chance comes the weekend after this one (December 8th/9th). This is almost ten days out, so there’s absolutely no certainty with it.

“There’s no point in snow on the weekend.” I agree, but if it was to happen, it would be more of a Sunday thing and if everything went the right way it could affect Monday.

I get excited at the chance of snow and I love to share my excitement, but these are both being shared with extremely low confidence for different reasons (first threat needs to have a lot to go our way just to give us a couple inches and second one is almost ten days out).

Just something to keep in the back of your minds as we head into the weekend.

Enjoy your Friday!

Early December Potential

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