new logo 1023I was an MCPS student for my entire elementary and secondary school career, and I remember staying up late to catch the weather forecast, and waking up early to see if schools were closed or delayed.

In January of 2011, Moco Snow went live.  I created Moco Snow so that students and parents have a place to go to see the latest and most simplified weather forecast for Montgomery County, MD. I compile forecasts from different computer models, television stations, and websites to put together what I feel would be the most accurate forecast. I also predict whether the upcoming storm will be severe enough to cause schools to close or open late (very rarely will there be an early dismissal due to winter weather, but if it might happen…I predict that as well).

We are ready to make this your only stop for up to the minute coverage and super accurate predictions.

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    • MocoSnow Reply

      I’ll try to update with interesting content throughout the year. Sometimes there are weather emergencies off-season, but otherwise I expect a lot less traffic.

  1. lilku Reply

    What were you doing in 2009/2010 that you didnt start mocosnow then?
    Starting with the fri 18 december 2009 snow, it was the snowiest winter!

    • MocoSnow Reply

      I’d always talk about what I thought would happen…maybe make it my Facebook status, but nothing official.

    • MocoSnow Reply

      We came up with something, but not gonna go with it quite yet. We’ll see…

  2. Olivia Reply

    Do you think we will have a delayed opening tomorrow? I hope so because I want to sleep in!

    • MocoSnow Reply

      I think we will, but we probably won’t know until about 5am

  3. Alex Reply

    Hi Mr. Gym Teacher I had you before,

    I was wondering, how is your prediction accurate compared to all the sources out there? Is it that you have a partnership with MCPS? Or if its just plain old prediction?


    • MocoSnow Reply

      There’s no affiliation with MCPS. I look at the same models everyone else does, I just have a little bit more experience than most dealing with delays and cancellations in the county.

      • Fouad Ayoub Reply

        I also had you as a public speaking teacher in the summer of 2016! You’re so cool dude

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